About Us

The Credit-Check Story

In 1975 our president and founder, Jerry Stang, left his career as the youngest department manager at the largest local bank, Michigan Financial Corporation, to form his own company, Superior Adjustment, Inc. While employed by the bank he established the first credit card department, was charged with popping balloon loans and restructuring debt as well as acting as a collector for outstanding debt. There was only one problem with being a banker, Jerry despised the frequent 7 a.m. bank meetings.

So he struck out on his own working 14 hour days in a small office with just a phone and a filing cabinet. Persistence, persuasion and professionalism created success and soon he was collecting for many local businesses, his competitors closed their businesses, he had taken on work for the bank for which he previously worked and earned his largest client yet, Marquette General Hospital and later their affiliated medical clinics. Dedicated to high integrity standards in our industry, he served on several state boards including the Treasurer of Michigan Association of Collection Agencies as well as serving for eight years on the State Collection Practices Board of the Department of Licensing and Regulation, which is a Governor’s appointment.

Recognizing the need for credit reporting services in our local area he created a second company which was a Trans Union Affiliate Credit Bureau and named it Credit-Check. Consumers and clients liked the name so much that all operations were referred to as Credit-Check regardless if the service credit reporting or collections. After selling the Credit Bureau to Trans Union in 1999, the company adopted the name Credit-Check as their DBA for the remaining Collection Agency business.

After 40 plus years Credit-Check has not only survived the test of time, it has flourished in the eye of many storms. We continue to follow the leadership established by Jerry. Credit-Check is evolving like any great company should. The base has been built, and Credit-Check will move forward keeping the core principles of honest work, keeping your word, and providing the best service in our industry. As Jerry has preached, “Old school business approach will withstand the test of time.”

So if you drive past our office, you won’t find a light on in the back office at 7 a.m. You are likely you will find him at his desk at 7 p.m. with his dinner plate half eaten while he evaluates how the business performed today and how we can improve for our client’s tomorrow.